Welding Inspector courses

Welding inspection is one of the highly demanding field requiring certified personnel. There are many major fabrication & erection projects and construction activities happening around the world and there is vast requirement for certified welding engineers, welding inspectors and qualified welders. Candidates having basic qualifications, good experience in welding related projects and industries can opt for certified welding inspector programmes. These certification programmes will provide rewarding career with faster career growth. A candidate with welding and some NDT related training or experience can become better welding inspector.

With the participants from all over Nigeria and foreign countries, Petro-Tracking Institute of NDT Technology is an icon in the field of NDT & welding related education in Nigeria. Through the reputation gained in the past decade for quality related training and certification courses, the institute is organizing and conducting the following internationally recognized welding inspector certification courses at the NDT & Welding Inspector Courses training center in Nigeria.

American Welding Society(AWS) Certifications

Certified welding inspector (AWS-CWI) and Senior certified welding inspector(AWS-SCWI) courses are organized in Nigeria. Conference and examinations are conducted by AWS and the certification is the welding industry's most respected sign of approvals. Read more..

Welding Inspector Examination Preparatory Courses in Nigeria

Petro-Tracking Institute of NDT Technology, Welding Inspector Course is a comprehensive scheme in Nigeria which provides for the examination and certification of individuals seeking to demonstrate their knowledge and/or competence in their field of Welding Inspection, Welder Qualification tests, WPS, PQR preparation and other welding related inspections. The scope of Welding Inspector course includes all levels of Welding Inspectors, Welding Supervisors, Plant Inspectors, Welding Instructors, Underwater Inspectors and NDT personnel. The Welding Inspector course certifies the personnel for the duties of Visual Welding Inspector, Welding Inspector, Senior Welding Inspector without radiographic film interpretation or Senior Welding Inspector with radiographic film interpretation. Read more..

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