Training & Certification

Training is in fact integration of human resources and technology. The technology transfer must consider how information, directions and instructions shall be translated in the minds of trainees. This will involve presenting basic principles, theory and contents of the training programme in such a way that these may not only be easily understandable but trainees shall be able to adopt them. One of the fundamentals of training is that people learn better when they can connect what is taught to their own experience; therefore practical on-job training has gained importance in the training programmes. Training system for NDT & welding at Petro-Tracking Services Limited has been designed in such a way that theory is blended with on-job practical training.

Training of NDT personnel for industry requires

  1. Selection of the inspection technique for revealing critical defects
  2. Performance of test procedures at the required level of expertise
  3. Management of equipment, personnel and materials to ensure consistent performance

Training and certification of personnel have been standardized. Both national and international standards give details of educational qualifications, training programmes and method of certification. According to these standards a person considered for certification in NDT shall have sufficient education and experience to ensure understanding of principles and procedures in each method.

In general, these personnel have been categorised into three levels

  • Level I – Certified to carry out the specific NDT test method
  • Level II- Certified to test and analyse as per relevant standards, codes, specifications
  • Level III- Certified to enhance and manage the test system

Strictly adhering to the quality systems, Petro-Tracking Institute of NDT Technology is a leading professional institute in Nigeria for its training and certification programs in NDT, welding inspector and Quality Assurance- QA courses. The Institute is conducting regular and specialized NDT Level I, II training courses as per ASNT Recommended practice SNT-TC-1A and welding inspection programs. Tailor made personalized training courses can also be designed and organized as per the specific requirements of the client.

The institute is committed to direct towards right performance of customer operations by human resource development. For assistance in maximizing quality production, reduction of crisis and lowering the prime cost of production with trained and certified in-house personnel, we encourage you to undergo the training and certification courses. Our trainers have sound experience not only in NDT but material sciences and materials testing technologies as well. In addition, the training institute has highly qualified and well experienced faculty (more than 15 years) for training. Our faculty includes ASNT Level IIIs, metallurgists, T-K-Y joints testing experts. Introduction to welding & welding defects, welding inspector courses are taken care by AWS-CWI, CSWIP 3.1 Certified Welding Inspectors. Radiographic test film interpretation (RTFI) is taken care by certified NDT Level III with more than 15 years experience as RTFI.

In addition to practicals during class room training, we can provide hands-on-job experience at job sites in Bangalore for interested trainees. For details Contact Us.

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