4. Does Petro-Tracking Services Limited perform the tests onsite or customer/vendor's work place?

Yes Petro-Tracking Services Limited can perform NDT and some other material testing services at onsite and/or customer's work place on request from the customers. Please provide us prior advance information to plan the visit accordingly. We can perform inspection onsite or client's works all over Nigeria.

5. Which NDT Method is suitable for our components?

Please Contact us with the component description, material, application of part, type of discontinuities expecting (surface / subsurface / internal), specification (if any) and reason for opting for carrying out NDT inspection

6. What information do I need to forward in order to receive a quotation from Petro-Tracking Services Limited?

Testing method and technique, component or part Description, Drawing No., Part Size, weight, Material, Number of components to be tested, specification /standard, place of testing, acceptance standard and any other additional information useful for testing. E-mail us all the above details, we'll send you the quote.

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7. Can the ultrasonic thickness gauging suitable for high temperature parts?

We are equipped with latest NDT equipments and accessories suitable for more than 250 deg. C. applications to carryout ultrasonic thickness testing for hot objects, pipes, pressure vessel, chimneys, turbine parts, process machinery components with out shutting them off. We provided thickness surveys for clients across Nigeria.

8. What are the possible materials that can be tested by Ultrasonic thickness gauging?
What is the accuracy that can be expected through the test?

All homogeneous materials which transmit ultrasonic waves through them like most of metals, hard plastics, glass, ceramics etc. can be inspected. Accuracy is approx. ± 0.1mm (up to 60mm) and ± 0.5% (above 60 mm) of thickness range.

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