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Petro-Tracking Services Limited is a Nondestructive testing (NDT), Material testing company founded in Nigeria, providing complete material testing solutions including NDT Inspection, metallurgical, welder qualification tests, mechanical testing, consultancy services to engineering industries and serving the entire world.

Experience Quality Services

The organization is established by a team of eminent metallurgical and mechanical engineering experts with more than fifteen years of professional industrial experience with the prominent industries in power sector, pressure vessels, precision and heavy engineering sectors, pipe systems, storage tanks, process plants, castings, forgings, fabrication, sugar and cement industries, aerospace component manufacturing, material testing laboratories, consulting and NDT inspection companies.

The modern material testing laboratory is fully equipped with latest equipments, well experienced team of professionals for conducting materials testing, non-destructive testing in Ultrasonic testing, Magnetic particle testing, Liquid/dye penetrant testing, Visual testing, Radiographic testing, interpretation, Ultrasonic thickness gauging, Consultancy in NDT, metallurgy, welding, third party inspection services, training and certification services.

Sharing the expertise through training

With in-house ASNT NDT Level III trainers, our training center Petro-Tracking Institute of NDT Technology is a place where our customers and participants can confidently rely on, for quality NDT Training and certification and welding inspector courses. We are committed to driving the right behaviours in our customer's operations by our world class training and certification courses. Our programs are carefully designed to give engineers, quality inspectors and technicians the skills needed to excel in the field of NDT, welding and quality related technologies.

Our Vision

To expand our location worldwide by being the premier NDT, material testing and related quality services provider with high industrial standards,professional services focusing on customer satisfaction. Petro-Tracking Services Limited will distinguish itself as a leader in redefining excellence in traininig, certification, consulting, trading and other customized services that enhances customers delight.

Our Mission

To provide world class NDT, material testing, inspection, training, consulting and other quality services and solutions with high professional integrity and reliability using technology driven resources.

Our History

Petro-Tracking Services Limited is a leading provider of independent inspection services with a company Experts history of over 15 years, we have extensive experience in advanced NDT methods and special NDT applications, particularly ultrasonic testing.

We have also designed and developed a range of ultrasonic inspection systems for the industrial sector and are involved in the normalization and standardization process of the time of flight diffraction (TOFD) method and Phased Array Method.

From power generation to infrastructure and manufacturing, a wide range of industries benefit from our weld inspection and corrosion monitoring services even on complex geometries with our non-intrusive inspection capabilities. We are able to combine several techniques in order to attain your main inspection goals: high probability of detection, fast inspection time, quality on performance and cost efficiency.

PTSL has quickly become the benchmark for NDT inspection skilled Training and Certification in Nigeria, bolstering its position in the industry by securing the coveted first Nigerian company to be approved by Petroleum Training Institute (P.T.I.) established in 1973 by the federal government of Nigeria as a prerequisite for the membership in the Organization of Petroleum Exporting Countries (OPEC) to train indigenous middle-level manpower to meet the labour force demands of the oil and gas industry in Nigeria and the West African sub region, PTSL is an approved member of the American Society of Non Destructive Test (ASNT) authorized training provider With Petroleum Training Institute (P.T.I.) been the National Centre for Non Destructive test in Nigeria.(NCNDT). Petroleum Training Institute (P.T.I.) is already in agreement that where the need of accreditation becomes necessary and relevant, The Institute shall as a Federal Government Mandated Oil and Gas institution in Nigeria, use its status to work towards the accreditation.

PTSL successfully compliments its capacities as an industry educator, offering a suite of standard NDT technical training, In partnership with various Higher institution of learning and with an on-going programme of events. PTSL offers quality practical training and certification in the field of Non-Destructive testing (NDT) and pipeline and Welding inspection technology.

We have been carrying out various Training's in the area of Pipeline Inspection, Maintenance and Non-Destructive Test. (onshore/Offshore) using American Standard ASNT SNT-TC-1A NDE ISO 9001:2008 in partnering with higher institution like Igbinedion University Okada, Edo State, University of Lagos (UNILAG) Lagos State, University of Benin, Petroleum Training Institute (PTI) Effurun, Delta State.

PTSL delivers turnkey solutions with the utmost quality, using the most advanced technology available with qualified, trained, and certified personnel and equipment’s. Our diversity of people and services are driven by our core values of Integrity, reliability and serviceability, and this has enabled us to develop a high level of capability in our portfolio.


Head Quarters & Material Testing Laboratory: Nigeria

NDT Inspection, Training Institute Locations


  • Edo
  • Rivers
  • Delta

United Kingdom


The institute is capable of conducting NDT courses at Client's training centers in Nigeria and other international destinations. For additional information Contact us.

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